Treating Hypertension with Kairali’s Ayurveda.

Treating Hypertension

Treating Hypertension

Image: Treating Hypertension

As one of the leading lifestyle problems of our times, hypertension is a chronic problem that can lead to devastating consequences if not managed correctly. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, puts the heart in a state of stress, which can result in strokes, heart attacks or kidney failure later in life. As a condition intimately associated with stress and lifestyle factors, on-going holistic treatment is the only way of successfully managing hypertension and ensuring longevity.

Why Ayurveda for Hypertension?

The Ayurvedic approach to health is entirely different to the Western focus on disease and cure – Ayurveda steps in to the curative process much earlier. Ayurveda represents a vast body of medical knowledge dedicated to treating the cause of disease, in order that the symptoms will never need to arise. Indeed, it is often said that Ayurvedic medicine detects disease at its first stage of development, while modern medical cures begin at stage six. In treating cumulative lifestyle problems or chronic disease such as hypertension, one should look first to Ayurveda and Yoga therapy to find the tools to permanently manage their condition.

Ayurvedic Cure for Hypertension.

Kairali’s Treatment for Hypertension takes a holistic approach combining detoxification and relaxation to adjust the habits of the body and eradicate the problem at its roots. Each guest is prescribed treatments according to their own individual constitution, and an extensive doctor’s consultation will determine which medicated oils are best for external use. Guests will also undertake a treatment course of internal Ayurvedic remedies, utilising the exceptional benefits of Kairali’s own herbal formulas, such as Cardospa

The basis of treatment is the daily Abhyangam massage, involving large amounts of warm, medicated herbal oil applied in the process of a relaxing four-handed massage. The Abhyangam massage is followed by a steam bath, achieving deep detoxification as well as vessel dilation. Other treatments include Sirodhara and Thakaradhara, classic Ayurvedic relaxation therapies able to create deep change in the body and mind. The ‘Dhara’ class of Ayurvedic therapies involve the rhythmic pouring of oil or buttermilk on the forehead, stimulating the hypothalamus and inducing deep relaxation of the brain and nervous centres of the body.

Yoga Therapy Cure for Hypertension

Guests undertaking our Hypertension treatment program are well advised to supplement their schedule with Yoga Therapy, or private Yoga tuition. Yoga asana approached in a slow and synchronised manner can do wonders for the body, and a qualified Yoga Therapist will be able to teach you asanas with specific application to circulation and aiding vessel dilation. The chief wonder of Yoga Therapy in managing hypertension, however, is pranayama(breathing techniques) which, when correctly taught, will give you the tools to manage your condition and reduce high blood pressure permanently. Methods such as Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing), Chandra Bheda (left nostril breathing), Sheetali and Sheetkari(cooling breaths) act to slow the heart rate and pacify the pitta dosha aggravation at the root of the problem.


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