A Blissful Getaway From Lethargy Towards Healing

Ayurvedic Spa and Massage Treatment

Ayurvedic Spa and Massage Treatment

Image: Ayurvedic Spa and Massage Treatment

Lately I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Keshav Raj who was 89 years old, he speaks in a faltering manner which was not unkind to ears, and the frailty in his voice did not restrict his lucid nobility. His fragile body could not summon up the energy to rise and walk so took the intitiative. The blissful soul had ended with is small diet lunch prescribed by the Ayurvedic Canteen, the restaurant of the Kairali. Kairali is located in Palakkad, Kerala which is also popular by the name of Ayurvedic Healing Village. Mr.Keshav Raj has been coming to this paradise for the past ten years. In totality this was his sixth trip in three years each for fourteen days. He never cared about the distance from Mumbai to Kerala, his inner strength always landed him to Kairali for rejuvenation and restoration of health.

I could not get a better testimonial than Mr.Keshav Raj himself, beside the photos of Neha Dhupia taking pleasure in massage hung on the walls in case if that is not enough to induce you. I had an overnight journey from Bangalore to Palakkad that landed me on hazy morning; it is the actual time when the Kerala is blessed with annual rains. The monsoon are quite different from any other state, well without deviating from the actual story we head towards Palakkad which is 12 kms away from the main town.

The moment you step on its land it alienates you from the mundane world. Your body receives a kind of serenity which is altogether a different feeling and something that every day you don’t get to experience. Now setting foot in God’s own country is mystical, the verdant green land, the hundreds of coconut and mangoes tree protect you from the outer cruel world. Thirty villas based in the mid section of the area gives an amazing view. You get to explore the wide view and yourself, the greenery gives a soothing and calming effect to eyes and body. The glance in itself is relaxing and magical, you are allowed to have tour and widen the search of this untouched heaven and place where you would like to get lost and never to be found. The air is so pure that when flows down to your lungs you feel fresh about yourself.

Kairali has been ranked among the top fifty wellness centers and top ten in Asia. Kairali is an authentic place where you see and feel nature yourself. It is not like some beauty parlour where you feel good about yourself temporarily. But the ecstasy found here is perpetual; it not only relaxes you but transforms you which you never realize before you set your foot here. City life pollutes your mind and body but here in Kairali you get a new self. This is proclaimed by the renowned doctors like Dr. Dr T R Chandrasekharan who is a senior chief physician in Kairali. Dr. Chandrasekharan advises for the treatment, diets and daily routines according the ailment and requirement of the body. He announces that body needs to be disciplined, and this can be achieved by maintaining a strict rule pertaining to our eating habits and lifestyles. He further says that person should not come here to enjoy for couple of days rather he should continue this life even after he leaves. A person has to give up all bad habits in order to have a lasting effect of the treatment.