Kairali Ayurvedic Massages on Savvy Magazine.

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ayurvedic medicines

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Kairali Ayurvedic Massages on Savvy Magazine.

The goodness and the effectiveness of Kairali Ayurvedic massages were published by Savvy magazine- the most celebrated lifestyle magazine in the world. The article talks about how a simple ayurvedic massge can do wonders to the health, vigour and vitality of a newly wed.

Sometimes even a simple head massage can do wonders to the newly wed’s mental state. Not only will she feel more relaxed and days confident, but also will look fresh after those tiring days and even more tiring nights!


Kairali, situated in Delhi offers Kerala’s age old ayurvedic massages. It offers medicated oil massages which is prepared from special plants. It has few unique massage programmes.

The Four day ayurvedic health programme.

 This is aimed at getting rid of excess weight without exercise and dieting. A unique health programme comprising of herbal oil massages amd ayurvedic medicines- the most natural and healthy way to lose excess weight without side-effects.

The fourteen-day ayurvedic massage programme

This programme helps to restore vigour and vitality. It improves blood circulation, premature-aging and protects one from ailments like arthritis, rheumatism, frozen shoulders and paralysis.

The one-a-week ayurvedic massage programme

This is for complete fitness without exercise and dieting. The special ayurvedic massage exercises the whole body while the person relaxes on a special wooden bed carved to match his/her body contours.

These above therapies tone up muscles restore and repair worn out tissues, throw out toxins, remove stress and strain, help the person sleep well and give the body a great shape without exercise. Regular massages keep the body free from aches and pain and the skin glowing.


Published on – November 1995