Kairali Ayurvedic Health Club featured in Rashtriya Sahara

kairali ayurvedic health club

kairali ayurvedic health club

Image: kairali ayurvedic health club

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Club featured in Rashtriya Sahara

The leading magazine Rashtriya Sahara came published a very informative and well written feature on Kairali Ayurvedic Health Club situated in Mehrauli Delhi. The feature article articulates that Ayurvedic massage is not only one of the best ways to stay fit and slim but also it is one of the most effective treatment for various diseases and goes on to emphasise that “The ancient ayurvedic system states many a regimen to keep the body and mind in right shape. This is all the more relevant today in a hectic lifestyle, full of tension and tight schedule of the executive work-culture replete with hurry and worry accompanied by a constant pressure to meet the deadlines.”

 Stay Fit

Slim and beautiful are in vogue. Nevertheless, slim is not for vigour and vitality- the crux of a healthy youthful body, an alert mind and a glowing face. The ancient ayurvedic system states many a regimen to keep the body and mind in right shape. This is all the more relevant today in a hectic lifestyle, full of tension and tight schedule of the executive work-culture replete with hurry and worry accompanied by a constant pressure to meet the deadlines.

Where can this ever busy tribe of young and old men and women, get respite to soothe their overused system with tensed nerves? Well, Delhiites , at last, have found an answer to it in the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Club.

Set amidst serene surroundings of Andheria Modh in Mehrauli, The Club has all the facilities that one would like to look for in a health resort. The ethnic ambience, a lush green eye soothing garden resounding with the chirping of birds and gurgling of a waterfall.

A lovely assortment of colourful flowers to soothe the weary eyes just as one enters the complex. The brick work premises, built in typical Louise Baker style with a natural airflow and filtered daylight are in sharp contrast to the elaborately done-up chic air-conditioned health clubs of the present day.

The novelty of the Kairali Club lies in the personalised consultancy of a well experienced ayurvedic practitioner who can tell the root cause of one’s problem and is ready to administer remedy. The follows the most soothing experience in the form of a course of herbal oil  massages – known as Anhyangam in ancient Sanskrit scriptures- in ancient ayurvedic traditions.

Abhyangam acharyet nityam is in fact, the age old adage, still in vogue in Kerala. Abhyangam means application of oil, in other words, massage. The system of daily massage of body with oil is the secret of Keralites healthy way of life. While for women the massage and hot water bath is a regular morning habit before they enter the kitchen, the men generally rub the body with oil after they come back from work. And for the long black tresses of women of this coastal region, the secret lies in the daily rub of scalp and hair with oils and a herbal wash.

The traditional ayurvedic remedy comes in handy for the common ailments too. Equipped with the knowledge of typical characteristics of different herbs and their remedial effects, the elderly people in Keralite families back home, even today, fetch the selected herbs from the local village grocers and follow the strict regimen of a week-long preparation, using clay vessels and prolonged heating on firewood hearths.

Toing up the bodyby relaxing tense muscles, these special massages are administered by the expert masseuses who are trained in human anatomy and physiology. Applied with a particular rhythm on wooden beds, matching the contours of the human torso, specially prepared oils are administered at the Centre. In fact, it is an age-old practice of panchakarma prescribed in Ayurveda , to restore youth by massaging the body with warm medicated oils and cleansing the circulatory system by removing accumulated toxins, thus arresting degeneration of blood vessels , nervous debility and joint pains.

Kairali also offers unique ‘health and fitness programmes’ to eliminate excess fat from the body, thus reducing weight without exercises and diet restriction. Herbal oil massages and ayurvedic medicines not only help one to lose excess weight, but also streamline the whole body in a matter of few weeks.  This is said to be the most natural and healthy way of losing excess weight. According to Chandrashekharan, one of the doctors in the centre, there is no water loss from the body and that is precisely why the therapy has a more lasting effect. At the same time; the weight reduction therapy eliminates aggravated humours ( any of the four liquids in the body that determine a person’s mental and physical qualities) from the body. This particular weight loss regimen also helps in reducing cholesterol levels, prevents lipid deposition and maintains years of healthy, active and vigorous life , thus weaning one away from heart problems”, adds Dr Chandrashekheran.

The basic purpose of the fortnightly regimen – which aims in reducing obesity – is also to eliminate toxic factors, that cause disease. Besides, ayurvedic herbal oil massages treatment tones up the skin simultaneously removing excess weight. During massage, herbal oils penetrate the skin, nourishing the whole body system as also liquefying toxins, so that the body can eliminate these more easily. The effect of ayurvedic nutrients is said to extend deeper into the tissues, bones and the very nerves due to direct penetration. And it is precisely the tonification process that imparts lustre to the ski. It makes one look younger by years with a wrinkle free energetic skin and a healthy glowing complexion; even though one reduces weight by kilos. “This is the most natural and traditional way to gradual and healthy slimming that can be maintained by weekly massages” asserts Geetha Ramesh, who is said to have brought massage therapy in Kairali. She maintains that for the figure conscious, the added advantage is that these special herbal oil massages, while melting away excess fat, also remove flabbiness toning up the abdominal muscles, bulky hips, fatty thighs with an overall reduction of a few inches in the girth, within weeks.

As for the typical diseases, for which ayurvedic massage treatment is the most effective , Dr Chandrashekharan list out rheumatic arteritis, lumbago, spondylitis, hypertension, slipped disc, circularity disorders, sinus problem, nervous debility, chronic cold, palsy, migraines and so on. The added advantage is that the therapy has no side effects unlike treatment from other method. Many who have reached the stage of no return have once again turned hopeful once they have sought solitude to the therapy.

Published on – August 1995