Home Remedies for Allergy

Home Remedies for Allergy

Home Remedies for Allergy

Image: Home Remedies for Allergy

Here is a list of the most effective natural remedies and therapies. So, you can find a home remedy that works best for you for allergy relief.

 Natural Remedies and Home Skin Allergy Remedies

Natural Remedies and Home Skin Allergy Remedies


Neem is among the best used herbal ingredients in soaps and creams. Including Ayurvedic cosmetics and skincare products. It will be a good idea to turn to natural skin care products that do not contain any harsh chemicals to relieve or lower the chance of an allergic reaction. 

Ensure that the products do not contain any added chemicals when using neem-based cleansers, soaps, and masks. Neem products are effective in alleviating allergies due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Effects are due to flavonoids and triterpenoids, such as Quercetin and Nimbin. 

Nimbin exhibits antihistamine effects, which are important features of every allergy relief drug.

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Manjistha may not be as common or well-known as neem. But it is no less effective in relieving a wide range of skin conditions, including allergies. With its detoxification and blood purification effects, the herb is highly valued in Ayurveda. It provides immediate relief from skin irritation and inflammation. 

Manjistha is also known to facilitate skin healing and reduce the risk of secondary infections that can arise due to dry or itchy skin scratches.  You can use manjistha powder as a paste with rose water and honey to use manjistha for skin allergy relief, applying it over the skin's affected areas.

 In the form of oral drugs that have it as an ingredient, you can also eat it.


Medicine for Ayurvedic Skin Allergy

Although topical applications are great for providing rapid relief, taking oral allergy medications can also help, especially when dealing with extreme allergy reactions.

Besides, daily consumption of such herbal formulations may also minimize the risk of serious skin allergic reactions. 

Look for ingredients such as harda, amla, manjistha, pipper, and guggul when selecting an ayurvedic skin allergy medication. These herbs are noted for their digestive and detox benefits, which are essential for safe glowing skin.

Inflammatory and allergic skin conditions may also be relieved or avoided by the immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects of these herbs.


Packs for Herbal Face

It would be best if you were using herbal face packs to prepare at home in consent with the instructions to avoid harsh chemical-based cosmetics, which are also causes of allergic skin reactions. 

You can make a natural face pack using Ayurvedic ingredients such as honey, rose water, Haldi powder, besan, and sandalwood powder, among others. 

 Alternatively, Ayurvedic herbal face packs and cleansers with Lodhra, Haldi, Kapur, Menthol, and Dhania may be used. Such a herbal mixture has a calming effect that rapidly relieves and decreases skin inflammation and irritation.

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Respiratory Allergy Natural Medicine and Home Remedies

Nasya Neti

Nasya and neti practices are deep Ayurvedic and Yogic practices. And they are part of our rich cultural heritage.  Unfortunately, these practices have been mostly neglected and overlooked. But their usefulness in relieving and preventing respiratory allergies and infections is now progressively recognized.

Modern studies have shown that nasal irrigation can help to treat conditions such as allergic rhinitis. Neti is a typical Yogic nasal rinse done using a neti jar, while Nasya is used after flushing to moisturize the nasal passage. Seek advice before trying out.

The Inhalants of Ayurvedic

Life-saving medications may be commonly used as inhalants for asthma and serious respiratory allergies. But should only be used in emergencies. It is understood that the frequent use of these inhalers reduces efficacy, induces hyperinflation of the lungs, hypertension, arrhythmias of the heart, and other serious side effects. 

When struggling with respiratory allergies, this makes Ayurvedic herbal inhalers a much better option for everyday usage. With herbal extracts and oils such as menthol or peppermint, eucalyptus, tulsi, sandalwood, and Brahmi, ayurvedic inhalers can be extremely effective in relieving inflammation of the airways, opening the airways, and easing breathing. 

The Teas of Herbs

With green tea being increasingly popular for detoxification, herbal teas have become fashionable. However, orthodox Indian herbal teas with their Ayurveda roots are much more effective in alleviating respiratory allergies and infections. 

Herbs such as ginger, tulsi, peppermint, and manjistha are considered to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and bronchodilatory effects that show a range of therapeutic behavior. 

Add a couple of slices of ginger or some peppermint or tulsi leaves or a quarter teaspoon of manjistha powder to a cup of boiling water to prepare either of these herbal teas allow it to steep for a few minutes.

No matter which of these herbs you want to use as a natural sweetener, you may also add a teaspoon of honey.

You can also try Kairali Aarogya Herbal Tea for resolving all the respiratory issues, its key ingredients are long pepper, ginger & cardamom.

While these Ayurvedic medicines and home remedies are extremely helpful in relieving allergies, the use of Ayurvedic herbs must be consistent.  Keep in mind that it is often mandatory to recognize and prevent exposure to allergens as much as possible for a lasting solution.

To maintain your optimum dosha balance, it will also help to adopt a customized diet plan. You may follow other healthy lifestyle activities such as meditation and yoga to boost optimum health and lower stress levels, which intensify allergic reactions.

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