Ayurvedic Remedies for Breast Enhancements

Ayurvedic breast enhancement products

Ayurvedic breast enhancement products

Image: Ayurvedic breast enhancement products

Ayurvedic Remedies for Breast Enhancements

 Breasts are one  of  the most  beautiful  and essential part of  feminine beauty. Thus for women, sagging or underdeveloped breast can be  a cause of distress and agony. All women have a strong desire to have a great bust line. Plastic surgery is an expensive and very unnatural process. Ayurveda offers  many  natural  ways  to  enhance  and firm up  the breasts.

Reason of sagging Breasts

Many  women suffer from  underdeveloped and small breast  and contemplate on  surgical methods to  improve the  look. Due to age or some ailments  women's breasts lose their firmness. There  are many  reasons  for sagging breasts, the two main  being  skin  elasticity and breast density. Other factors   for breast sagging can be multiple pregnancies breast feeding, rapid weight loss, gravity, some   illness   and age. As   women   age, neglect to wear good support garments or sudden weight lose  my lead to  sagging  of  the  breast. This  condition, breast ptosis, occurs mainly  due  to   loss of supporting tissue and fat  in the breasts. This common condition causes round, globular  breasts  to   morph  into  flatter, thinner breasts. During this whole  process, the nipples may also relocate and move downward. Breast firmness can be improved with bust-lifting exercises, a good diet,  application  of  herbal oils  and creams  and supportive garments.

Ayurveda for Breast Enhancement

 Ayurveda is an age-old science that offers a permanent solution for this problem- it will not give you instant enlarged or enhanced breast but the ayurvedic  method  is  more natural, has no side effects and is not very expensive. There are many herbs that help to promote the overall growth of breast tissues in the most natural way and make them proportionate to the rest of the woman's body. Along  with  the ayurvedic massages and creams you can also make  some lifestyle changes, drink lots of water and also try to eat a lot of green vegetables as well as carrot as they are good sources of estrogen .

Doctor recommended solution for Breast Enhancement

Kairbossom is designed for strengthening, firming and toning of breast muscles, resulting in an increase in your breast size, prevents sagging breasts, corrects under developed breasts and importantly beautifies your shape. This product usually takes about 6-8 weeks to see an improvement; which is normally ½ to 1 cup increase in bust size. The first function of Kaibossom Herbal Breast Massage Oil is to decrease the venous return, thus making blood more readily available to breast tissue. It also gives more time to the cells to absorb the nutrients, fats and hormones. This results in growth of the size of fat cells, hence a bigger bust-line.

 Recommended Products    

 Kairbossom: Take enough quantity of Kairbossom Oil make it warm and apply in upward and circular motion for 15-20 minute daily. This  is complete natural product and has no side effect.

Some Tips:  You must always wear  supportive and fitting garments, do yoga regularly, it is best to learn the breast enhancements asanas ,  eat a healthy diet and less spice in your diet.


The above products are to be taken as per doctor consultation  General recommendation is for 5 to 6 week  and for that one might need 4 bottles of   Kairbossom oil.