Kairalis Natural Relief from Sinusitis and Migraine.

Sinusitis and Migraine

Sinusitis and Migraine

Image: Sinusitis and Migraine

Kairali’s wide range of Ayurvedic treatment packages includes solutions for sinusitis and migraine. Ayurveda provides an excellent natural cure for two of the most common chronic problems of our day, combining herbal remedies and holistic lifestyle management. Our expert Ayurvedic doctors recommend a minimum stay of 7 days in which to successfully treat sinusitis and migraine, and advise that a more complete cure can be achieved over a period of 14 days.

As conditions with strong connections to stress and anxiety, Kairali’s Ayurvedic program ensures that guests achieve the ultimate in relaxation through Ayurvedic oil massage, daily Yoga and meditation, harmonious natural surroundings and a nutritious diet. Our world-class team of Ayurvedic doctors and therapists then work to tailor your course of treatments to target your health condition while taking account of your individual constitution and lifestyle aims. The first step in any healing process is relaxation – arriving at The Ayurvedic Healing Village means you can ‘let go’ of all anxiety, relax, and surrender to the changes you are about to experience.

Kairali’s Natural Cures for Sinusitis and Migraine.

Ayurveda classifies migraine as a pita-vata condition, and sinusitis as a vata-kapha condition. Both conditions benefit from a daily routine of Abhyangam oil massage and steam bath, as well as Sirodhara, the rhythmic pouring of oil onto the forehead. Though exact specifications depend on the individual, two of the most effective Ayurvedic treatments for these conditions are Nasyam (insertion of medicated oils into the nasal passage) and Thalapotichil(cooling head pack).

Kairali’s Natural Medicine for Sinusitis.

Natural cures for sinusitis involve the traditional Ayurvedic ‘head detox’ technique, Nasyam. The treatment begins with an upper body massage with heated oil, warming the respiratory system and opening the passages in preparation for the medicine. Specially medicated herbal oil is then poured into the nostrils as the patient inhales, and left to work deep into the facial cavities. The oil performs a deeply cleansing action in the sinuses, removing toxins and increasing oxygenation.

Thalapotichil – the Natural Migraine Cure.

The leading Ayurvedic cure for migraine is Thalapotichil, a natural treatment applied directly to the head and inducing a cooling effect to subside the pitta dosha gravation responsible for this condition. Thalapotichil is a cooling head pack made of a natural mixture of medicated hearbs and deloclious…. The mixture is plastered all over the patient’s scalp and then wrapped in a giant banana leaf, while she relaxes and absorbs the cooling effect.

Yoga Therapy for Sinusitis and Migraine.

Guests at Kairali’s award-winning Ayurvedic Center always receive extensive lifestyle advice from their Ayurvedic doctor, which will include Yoga and breathing techniques to help manage their condition. Those seeking extra training may undertake a course of Yoga Therapy during their stay with us, providing expert training in the recommended techniques of self-therapy. In the case of sinusitis and migraine, professional instruction in breathing techniques is vital, and will teach the patient to cleanse their own respiratory system as well as relieving tension in the head. Such techniques, when adopted and used on a regular basis, can ensure a future free of the stress of chronic headaches and sinus pain.

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