Beginners Yoga Retreats at The Ayurvedic Healing Village

Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

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Kairali Yoga’s Beginners’ Yoga Retreats offer guests the chance to gain a solid basis in Hatha Yoga – the foundations of a practice they’ll be able to take home with them. The retreats offer the benefit of two expert teachers of Hatha Yoga, who give guests in-depth personal attention to create the perfect Yoga routine for their personal healing aims. The retreat offers group Yoga and Meditation sessions as well as more highly focused workshops, where individual attention is given to ensure that every retreat-goer receives a specially designed Yoga sequence to take away with them.

Learn Yoga in a Unique Healing Environment.

Kairali Yoga’s Beginners’ Yoga Retreats offer a full schedule of authentic Hatha Yoga designed to heal, as well as educate. Indeed, there can be few better locations to go deeply into holistic practice and ensure long-term transformation, than Kairali’s The Ayurvedic Healing Village in India. Situated in the heart of Kerala, the retreat center offers a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere, populated by rare healing trees and herbs. Your healing experience is deepened even further by the delicious Ayurvedic cuisine we serve here, all of which is taken from our own organic farmland surrounding the resort. Beginners’ Yoga Retreats with us ensure the perfect balance of luxury and holistic healing, allowing guests to enact the lifestyle changes they have long intended.

Study a Full range of Hatha Yoga Techniques.

Our Beginners’ Yoga retreats start at 6.30 am with an early morning asana session. You’ll then take a traditional South Indian breakfast, and are free to spend the morning strolling through our natural environment or relaxing by the pool. There will be a special ‘Yogic breathwork and relaxation’ session in the late morning, where you’ll get the chance to learn Yoga pranayama – breathing techniques that allow you to become the master of your own energy and calm. There’ll be a break for lunch before your next asana session in the late afternoon – a longer in-depth training session with our Yoga Therapist, who’ll work intensively with the group; personalizing the Yoga routine to the needs of each individual. You’ll end the day in peaceful unity with the other retreat guests at our guided meditation session, before enjoying a luxurious four-course dinner.

Learn the basics of Yoga and Ayurveda.

With four practical Yoga sessions per day, your Beginners’ Yoga Retreat also includes three special lectures per week. We offer an introduction to Yoga philosophy from our expert philosophy teacher, an introduction to Ayurveda theory from our Ayurvedic doctor, and a lesson in Ayurvedic Cookery, giving you the tools to recreate our award-winning health cuisine for yourself. Those interested to learn more can choose to incorporate extra meditation coaching sessions, philosophy lessons or Ayurvedic therapies as they prefer. You may also wish to experience palmistry, Vedic astrology or traditional Hindu spiritual ceremonies during your stay, which can be valuable tools on your path of self-discovery.

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