Ayurvedic Beauty Care at TheAyurvedic Healing Village

Ayurvedic Beauty Care

Ayurvedic Beauty Care

Image: Ayurvedic Beauty Care

Kairali takes a holistic approach to beauty, always approaching the concept as an external expression of inward health and vigour. Guests on our Beauty and Eye Care Packages experience a range of classic Ayurvedic health practices aimed at removing toxins at the deepest level, while smoothing the skin and restoring the body. Our packages include a range of medicated oil and exfoliating massages, including special conditioning treatments for the skin and eyes.

Ayurveda for Beauty Care.

Guests on our beauty care packages receive twice-daily spa treatments specially targeted for their Ayurvedic constitution and able to resolve any problematic skin conditions during their stay with us. The classic Ayurvedic Abhyangam massage serves to provide all-over conditioning of the body and forms the basis of the treatment process with medicated oils personalized to each patient. Your morning spa treatment always incorporates a relaxing oil massage and concludes with a steam bath to thoroughly detoxify the skin.

Ayurvedic Massage and Skin Treatments.

Kairali’s Beauty Care program incorporates natural massage techniques proven to be highly effective in removing dead skin cells, patches and pimples. We complement the process with techniques to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, combining oils, herbs, spices and proteins.


Ayurvedic skin detoxification incorporates a treatment called Navarakizhi, which uses a linen poultice of rice cooked in cow’s milk and marinated in a healing herbal mixture. The linen ball is heated and applied to the body, inducing sweat and aiding the absorption of the mixture. The sweating process removes toxins from the layers of the skin and adds lustre to its quality.


Udwarthanam is an Ayurvedic body scrub treatment using a herbal powders. A mixture of dry grains, powdered and massaged into the skin through a four-handed synchronised massage routine. Udwarthanam is an excellent therapy for skin disease and cellulite, softening the skin and restoring its youthful glow.

Face and Body Packs.

Kairali’s face and body packs work magic on the complexion and harmonise the pH of the skin through totally natural methods. As expert providers of natural skin care products, few beauty spa experiences can compare to Kairali’s face and body packs. Always using classic Ayurvedic recipes for skin nourishment and rejuvenation, our face pack has saffron as its chief ingredient, and our body pack uses the healing properties of turmeric and sandal to revitalise your whole body.

The Royal Treatment at Kairali.

The trademark beauty treatment at Kairali’s The Ayurvedic Healing Village is a transformative sequence of natural beauty care practices known as the ‘Royal Makeover’. Guests in need of intensive rejuvenation can opt for our 2-hour restorative beauty treatment, which combines a sequence of relaxing spa treatments to restore a healthy glow to the whole body. The ‘Royal Makeover’ begins with a traditional Padaprakshalanam foot massage to activate the body’s subtle energy channels, followed by a traditional Indian head massage. This is followed by a four-handed Abhyangam oil massage, before a full exfoliating treatment and cooling body pack. The entire treatment is rounded off with a detoxifying steam bath, to leave you feeling better than ever!


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