Healing Naturally In Natures Lap At Kairali



Image: Kairali

quiet surroundings, pollution less oxygen, ayurvedic massages and sipping on herbal tea in the lush greenary is a pleasure one can
only enjoy at kairali ayurvedic health resort. This paradise is located in the lap of Mother Nature in the midst of blossoming green land. It is based in Palakkad, approx 380 km away from city Thiruvananthapuram. The resort houses consist of 30 cottages beautifully architected in pyramid shape further based on Vaastu Shastra along with red soil the ceiling tiles found in Kerala commonly known as “odu”.

A two-kilometre  artificial water stream is flowing through the resort that has as many as 700 coconut trees, 600 mango trees and a few medicinal trees like neem and pepper. These towering branches shields the grounds from scorching sun, so one can enjoy his/ her walk in broad day light. The tranquillity of the place remains unharmed and pleasure-giving. The chirping of birds, light breeze and croaking of frogs adds to the pleasure.

The natural therapy centre provides many treatments for various medical conditions like, migraine, arthritis, skin diseases infertility, slip disc, spondylitis and obesity. It also acts as a good agent for de-stressing and rejuvenation.

Spread across 50 acres the resorts also consists of a library, yoga and meditation centre, swimming pool and tennis court. The land is also flourished with vegetable, herbal garden and paddy field.

Each villa is well-equipped with air-conditioners, refrigerators and bath tubs.

The day begins and ends with the daily mantra of the resort that witnesses an influx of foreign tourists, mostly Germans, during the period of September to March. Simple and authentic food is served and vegetables are consumed from the in-house garden. Only one kind of drink is served i.e. pink-coloured lukewarm water, a mixture of herbs.

30 cottages are categorized into four parts: two fall in the Maharaja category, four in the royal villa category, Seventeen in the classic villa category and seven in the deluxe villa category. Prices vary between Rs.7,000 per day for a deluxe villa and Rs.25,000 per day for a Maharaja villa. Prices of a massage, breakfast, lunch and dinner,  yoga and meditation classes are included.

People travel to the resort for the healing process of their ailments, hence, treatment depends on various packages for 3, 7, 14 or 21 days. It is indeed a desirable tourist spot. Most popular packages are Holistic Treatment for Rejuvenation and Detoxification, Special Package to Remove Stress and Strain and Special Ayurvedic Health Programme for Weight Loss, among others.

How to reach: The nearest airport is in Coimbatore, 52 km from Palakkad. Approximately one and a half hours is taken to reach the resort.