Ramesh K.V

The Managing Director and co-founder of Kairali Ayurvedic Group, Mr. Ramesh belongs to the third generation of a line of renowned Ayurvedic doctors. He assisted his family in their Ayurvedic practice from childhood, and had an early education in the mixing of Ayurvedic medicine, More


Yoga and Meditation Classes
Yoga and Meditation - The effective answer to modern day ailments
Kairali is a name synonymous with Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. Kairali has been spreading the message of wellness through its premier Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village located at Palakkad in Kerala. With beautiful surroundings, pristine environments, well-designed cottages, sumptuous meals and highly knowledgeable trainers, all the guests get the best experience of health and vitality. Expert trainers at Kairali help you unlock the secrets of the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Meditation and teach you these in the easiest way which can be conveniently incorporated in daily lives. Continue Reading...
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Bridge Course Suggested for Ayurvedic Practitioners

As per a report in the newspaper Hindu, a nine month bridge course,  has been proposed CCMI by the  for all the ayurvedic practitioners across India. This course with train all the ayurvedic practitioners with modern technology and aid  them to treat the common health problem encountered in rural areas across India.


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Ayurvedic Cure For Fever
Ayurvedic Cure For Fever

Ayurveda says that in fever other than medication it is very essential to change the diet and get loads of rest to recover and build up the immunity. It says that certain food types should be consumed and others to be avoided when suffering from fever. Fruits are recommended for fever patient. Cold food and ice creams are to be avoided strictly. 

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Ayurveda for Ear Disease
Ear Disease - Types and Cures

Ear diseases can be of numerous types from mild to severe. Normal ear infection get easily cured on their own but it is important to treat frequent and recurring ear problems as they can cause hearing problems and other serious complications. 

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Best Ambience for the perfect Ayurveda Holiday
Kairali- The Ayurvedic healing Village offers you with the perfect ambience for an enchanting ayurvedic holiday. Here you will get the best hospitality that makes your stay all the more memorable and happy. It is like staying at your home though you are away from home. Continue Reading...
Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre
Kairali Ayurvedic Treatments featured in Beauty India
In a recent publication of Beauty India, the treatments of Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centres and its benefits were featured in a beautiful way. Beauty India offers its readers regular and all the latest news of beauty launches, wellness, skin care, make-up, hair, food and fashion, lifestyle, skin and hair treatments and health. Continue Reading...