Planning Your Daily Cycle - the Yogic Way.

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Yoga Center Way

The wisdom of Yoga goes much further than the physical practice of asana and pranayama. Real Yoga means skill – intelligence based on self-knowledge and knowledge of the environment that surrounds you. Even a little theoretical knowledge of these can empower you to completely transform your life by synchronising your lifestyle with the energy flow that surrounds you. This kind of intelligent wellbeing can be derived from no better place than the energetic theories of Yoga and Ayurveda – ancient systems of living in tune with your environment.

The Three Gunas in Your Daily Routine.

The three gunas are a fundamental part of Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy, emanating from the ancient metaphysical theory of SamkhyaDarshan on which these life-sciences are based. Sattvagunais the quality of energy of peace and spiritual connection, Rajas the energy of activity, and Tamas the energy of inertia. All three play an important part in your daily cycle, and can be skilfully managed by devoting particular activities to the times of day in which they are dominant.

Sattvaguna is predominant in the early morning Brahma muhurta period, where spiritual energies are running highest. Understood from Vedic scripture to last 1 hour 36 minutes precisely, it occurs between the hours of 4am and 6am. The practice of meditation, pranayama and Yoga asana have additional value when performed at this time, and establish an energetic equilibrium to last throughout your day.

Daytime, ruled by Rajoguna, should be devoted to activity and engagement with the world, whileTamoguna takes precedence after 6 pm. It is much harder to engage the mind in work tasks in the evening, which is a period that should be devoted to winding down and spending time with family. Going to bed early is the essential part of this routine, allowing you to flow with the daily cycles and make use of the powerful Sattvi cearly morning hours.

AyurvedicDoshas and Times of Day.

The three-doshasystem of Ayurvedic philosophy provides a more detailed schedule of the energetic forces in action throughout your day. The three doshasare active on an equal and rotating basis, and indicate the dominant energy that you have to deal with throughout each period. A proper assessment of how to work with the Ayurvedic daily cycle can be made by determining your individual Ayurvedic dosha constitution. Those of a Vata–dominant nature will have more trouble controlling their mental fluctuations during the Vata periods of day, and will find it easier to work in the Pitta or Kaphaphases. Similarly, those of a Kapha-dominant nature will benefit from the Vata-dominant afternoon hours, when they are likely to benefit from a greater fluidity of thought and inspiration.


Time of day       


Dominant Element

Morning 6 am – 10 am



Midday 10 am - 2 pm



Afternoon 2 pm – 6 pm



Evening 6 pm – 10 pm



Midnight 10 pm – 2 am



Early morning 2 am – 6 am




The above table illustrates the daily cycle of Ayurvedic doshas as they operate in our gross and subtle constitution, as well as our surrounding environment. While an introduction to this detailed ancient system can be presented in such a table; full instruction on how to work with it requires expert advice based on a professional diagnosis of your personal Ayurvedic constitution.


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