Kairali- The Healing Village offers you the best Ayurvedic Holiday and hospitality



Image: Kairali

This is one of my best Ayurveda holiday experience. The Ayurvedic Healing Village allows perfect balance providing the levels of hospitality and comfort that is  necessary to enjoy the well-being that comes from within.  Here I got the perfect and the most effective professional and personal care in Ayurveda therapies. All the staff members and the therapists are very hospitable and try to do their best for the guests. The resort itself is beautiful and serene surrounded by lush green nature  and lovely paddy fields that make you feel at peace with yourself. The stay at the Ayurvedic Healing Village was a remarkable experience for me that I will carry in my heart for a very long time. 

Feedback Given by :  Zuzana Zwiebel Magdova- 25/08/2013

“Thank you very much for wonderful experience and very warm hospitality.  Pallakkad Paddy fields are always in my heart. Will be pleased to make it part of www.ayurvedatrails.com.”