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 What has the growth of Kairali Spa been so far? What has your employee strength been like?

Kairali’s main focus has been only on ayurveda and it has had a sturdy expansion in the field of Ayurvedic Spa industry. We have branched out in various national and international locations with 35 centres, 20 In India and 15 abroad. And through our extension we are able to procure 300 therapists all around the world.

What do you expect from a good spa therapist?

A good spa therapist is required to have full knowledge about the treatment. He/she is supposed to understand the significance of Ayurveda and contribution made by them which ultimately will result in satisfaction of our customer.

What is the scope in this field?

The scope of spa therapy is brilliant, it is basically a service that you and your customer enjoy at both ends. But it can only profit if the therapist are able to associate themselves with good spa centers. The main aim is not to earn money but to gratify customers also. And this comes from great perfection and dedication towards your work. In longer run it pays you back immensely.

What qualification should an aspiring spa therapist have? Which are the good training spots?

Kairali Institute of Panchakarma Therapy has started the admission process for the second batch. Anybody with a Class 10 pass certificate is eligible for becoming a good spa therapist.

Kairali Institute of Panchakarma Therapy is the renowned institute which offers good courses and they have even started second batches too. 

What kind of a career does spa therapy make in India?

In India where the economy is growing, the stressful life is also increasing simultaneously. That is why the spa therapy is so much in demand these days. People are looking for good stress busters and spa therapy fulfils the quest. Hence there is a bright scope for spa therapist because in the near future it will be providing stability to all those people interested in spa therapy career.

I see a lot of pros in taking up spa therapy as a career, but can you point out some cons to me?

I understand the implication, that the spa therapy career is not appropriate for females as customers are asked to be naked or semi-naked, therefore in order to alleviate things we have promoted the concept of same gender therapy across the world.

Why will you recommend this as a career choice to youngsters? 

According to me it is one of the best career options for youngsters. It not only pays you handsomely but gives you a chance to travel all around the world, one gets to meet new people, enjoy their food and culture. Five to ten years down the line you will see the spa therapy career has become the most influential.

“Spa therapy is the answer to the high stress lifestyles of today”.

 - Abishek Ramesh, Director, Kairali Group, New Delhi

What’s it about

Spa therapy has always been a significant part of this world. Water ‘jal’ has been used by people from ancient times, now its usage has grown to an extent. It was a part of some rituals but water is still a keystone for spa therapy.

The precise area where spa therapy works is Aromatherapy, its mechanism depends on the senses of touch, smell & fragrances. The other method is acupressure which works on 10 zones.

According to the statistics of FICC-PWC 2011, in five years down the line India will have a need of approx 600,000 additional expertise pertaining to welfare services.

The typical day of a spa therapist:

Full-time spa therapists work about 8-10 hours (a maximum of 60 hours per week), they are heavily scheduled in evening as compare to morning.

Weekends are generally overloaded with back-to-back therapies.

8am: Exercise

9.30am: Head to the workplace

10am: Attend to clients. Start therapies  

2.30pm: Lunch

3pm: Restart work

6.30pm: Take a small break

7pm: Hectic work at hand

11pm: Leave for home

 The pay

Newly-qualified spa therapists could earn around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 14,000 per month. Therapists with a few years’ experience can draw between Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 20,000 a month. If they move into management, spa therapists may make about Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000 a month or even more


* Caring attitude

* Good listener

* Tactful and being aware of the need for client confidentiality

* Should dress and talk smart, be well-groomed and follow good personal hygiene

* Should be aware of health and safety measures

* Should be good at time management 

How to become a Spa therapist?

There are various renowned institutes offering courses, post which they become qualified through their experiences in spa industry.


* Vandana Luthra Curls and Curves India Limited (VLCC), multiple locations


* Ispaa Spa Academy, Cochin


* Ananda Spa Institiute, Hyderabad


* Kairali Institute of Panchakarma Therapy, New Delhi


Pros and cons

* Wide scope for growth and enlargement.

*Supple working hours

* Great feeling of healing   and curing abilities

* Not burdened with unnecessary pressure.

* Every client is a big challenge, on facing makes them more refined and polished

Spa therapy is the answer to the high stress lifestyles of today.

 Abishek Ramesh, director - Kairali Group, New Delhi

Coordinated by Sneha Jose