The Ayurvedic Healing Village - best Ayurveda Resort !



Image: Ayurveda

You get your money's worth in Ayurvedic treatments with a highly skilled team of doctors and the most amazing ayurvedic experts and masseurs. This is the 'real thing' if you want a true Ayurvedic Panchakarma program or any other authentic ayurvedic treatment. Moreover the food is great and very healthy, the  villas are comfortable and  lovely. With the ever friendly staff and their hospitality I never felt that I was away form home.   The whole resort is green and in lap of nature, overlooking a rice paddy fields and there are plenty of birds. The resort is truly amazing with a warm friendliness flowing everywhere in the atmosphere. The ambience is fabulous and every moment of stay here is memorable in its own way!!! Thanks for this wonderful experience.

Feedback Given By Rohit Kumar- 02/09/2013

“ It was a nice experience to stay here. Everything like the nature, staff, atmosphere is so excellent and supportive so that you may never feel that you are away from home.”