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Reliving the Ayurvedic Moment

The moment we read an article on any massage, we feel like taking one, giving rest to our body and mind and completely forget about our stresses. Fablook Magazine, in its April edition, did the same thing. It has given such a beautiful review on the authentic experience undergone by one of their executive at Kairali Ayurvedic Center. He chose Abhyangam, a full body Ayurvedic massage with herbal medicated oil. With professional expertise, a completely rejuvenating and relaxing massage was given. Let us look into what the writer has to say about his experience:

"Ayurveda is a remarkable and proven way to treat one’s body and mind for recovery as well as attain a preventive state of health. This is why this natural healing system has always had my attention.

So, in order to satiate my informative senses, in recently visited the much renowned Kairali Ayurvedic center that is known for its four generations of expertise in Ayurvedic treatments by manufacturing their own medicine. Since 1989, their centers have been an alternative health and wellness destinations representing the model of health care and therapy excellence. It was indeed an experience in itself to be here not just for an Ayurvedic therapy but for the purpose of exploring some natural and harmless forms of treatment for health and rejuvenation that I had simply no idea of before. I did enter as a writer but came out as a completely different person.

The process:

On approaching the reception regarding my appointment, I was given a form that needed details about any allergies and ailments. After that I was taken to a consultant doctor who is refined in the knowledge of the Great Ayurveda of India. After an interesting consultation session, the Doctor generally recommends a therapy programme which used to last for 21 days in ancient times. The patient used to literally reside at the house of the doctor so that he could be looked after, 24 hours for 21 days at a stretch. But our lifestyle today doesn’t allow us to do so, which is why now short therapies come handy.

I came in wearing my formal attire but was given a comfy dhoti to change into as I kept my things in a locker. This attire itself gives you an old world charm. Once inside the massage room, I was given a thin disposable langoti (Langota or Langoti is a traditional style underwear) to change into. I was interestingly fascinated about what was coming next.

The Ambience:

One thing that I totally loved about this place is its strategically beautiful location- amidst greenery in Chhatarpur. Once you enter the center, you get a very traditional Kerala vibe. The architecture is such that you witness a lot of difference in your hyperactive senses upon entering. I for once felt calm and composed.

About the Ayurveda Therapy:

On request, I was suggested to try their most renowned therapy- Abhyangam. This is a 50 min full body massage therapy with https://www.kairaliproducts.in/ to rejuvenate and stimulate senses.

My treatment took place on a proper Droni (a wooden bed specially made for the therapy). Two masseurs stood on my either side applying herbal oil on the head and massaging gently. The therapy started with my legs, feet and neck. They both were simply in sync even though they were massaging two different parts of my body. This made me feel even more relaxed. I noticed that the whole thing was more of a clock-wise routine that they follow. They begin with the neck, back and head followed by your arms, chest, stomach and legs. I then switched side and the massage continued on my butt, shoulder, ankles etc. During the course of the therapy, I was asked to lie on my right side, left side, stomach, back and finally in the sitting position.

The last thing they massaged was my face. Yes, they did so superbly well. Why this? Because as per Keralites, a face is your mirror and after your therapy is done that mirror needs to be cleansed.

I found Abhyangam to be very effective in removing my stress and strain. But apart from that it is known for improving eyesight, immunity, longevity, sound sleep, rheumatism, vitality and provides with glowing skin. This massage also improves the immunity, rejuvenates and maintains the physique.

Post the Massage:

I was recommended either to take a Steam or a Hot water bath. I first chose the former. Their steam booths are a typical wooden box where your body is inside the box but your head is outside. It was a good 10 min activity that played a key role in opening up the pores of the body, relaxing the muscles and detoxifying the skin.

It is important to note that the oil used is quite dense and steam makes it easy for the oil to come off. In case you don’t have time for steam, a hot water bath is a must. I later took a bath as well and was given a powdered soap, which I later realized was a combination of soap and scrub that has helped me take off the oil better.

Once I was done with my bath, the staff applied some powder on the roots of my head. To be precise, the root center of my skull between my hair. This was supposed to be a self-immune powder to battle problems like common-cold. This powder is commonly used in Kerala after a bath by all.


Kairali Centre is more of an Ayurvedic Centre than a massage place. Where in not only do they give proper therapies based on age-old spices and oils that do you good, but also provide thorough ayurvedic consultation. The staff here is extremely courteous and humble.

I took more than 48 hours to write this review because I wanted to feel the changes that have actually taken place inside my body. And to be honest that night I slept like a log. The next day I not only felt rejuvenated but more active than usual.

To be honest, this treatment did prove the fact that Ayurvedic treatments when coupled with modern facilities in a peaceful and green setting create the ideal environment for recovery. 

To note: Go for a massage empty stomach because then your body will be fully free for the massage.

Booking: These guys are heavily booked so you need to make appointments at least two days in advance to get a weekend slot of your choice!

Price- Rs. 2500/- (50 Mins)

Locations: Serving at 22 locations in India and abroad

Website: www.kairalicenters.com"