Write Up By Gita Ramesh Featured in Prevention Magazine

natural healer gita ramesh

natural healer gita ramesh

Image: natural healer gita ramesh

Write Up By Gita Ramesh Featured in Prevention Magazine

A wonderful article “Natural Healer” detailing the amazing properties of turmeric was published in the Prevention magazine’s October 2014 issue. Prevention is  a health magazine of India Today Group and is the number one health magazine of India and is amongst the most trusted sources of health information.

Prevention is largest health magazine in the US (published by Rodale Inc.), and has shown American women how to lead an active, healthy life for the past 57 years.

Natural Healer. Gita Ramesh


This Indian kitchen staple is a healthful spice. Use it liberally for best results.

A perennial plant of the ginger family, turmeric is cultivated across the country. Besides being the irreplaceable desi spice, turmeric is a revered member of the Ayurvedic pharmacopeis and of other alternative medicine streams. This culinary –medicinal spice has many therapeutic uses and its key compound curcumin (that gives the yellow colour), according to many studies, is believed to destroy cancer cells. Curcumin’s  potency lies in its anti-inflammatory properties.


Turmeric is used in most vegetarian and non-neg preparations in powdered form for its peppery, warm flavor and mild aroma. But this favorable cooking aid also does great job of improving digestion and fights bloating too. It encourages excretion of bile through gall bladder which improves the body’s ability to digest fat. A source of iron, turmeric is good for those with anemia. It keep the blood thin, that in turn helps lower cholesterol levels. Also  beneficial  for sore throats, mixing a pinch of turmeric in milk and having it before bedtime is an effective remedy.


Thanks to its antiseptic  properties, turmeric is used externally to clean wounds and stimulate recovery. It is also effective in treating sprains. An indigenous beauty aid, this apice, used as a paste for the skin, was the secret behind many a glowing complexion of royal women in ancient India. A tip: to reduce dark circles, add turmeric powder to milk cream and apply it to skin around the eyes. Wash off with cool water after 5 minutes.

GITA RAMESH is Joint MD, Kairali Ayturvedic Group and author of  The Ayurvedic Cookbook, Get Fit in Just Two weeks.

 Published on  - October 2014