AYUSH Advisory on Coronavirus outbreak to use Anu Thailam

Anu Thailam manages coronavirus symptoms

Anu Thailam manages coronavirus symptoms

Image: Anu Thailam manages coronavirus symptoms

A communicable respiratory disease that was first detected in China has spread worldwide. The 2019 novel coronavirus is called COVID-19. Now it has reached India, where 147 positive cases of Coronavirus have also reported till date. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Coronavirus is a large virus family that causes illnesses that starts from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). The common symptoms of Coronavirus are runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat, headache and feeling of being unwell. With the increase in the number of positive cases, people are trying all sorts of precautionary measures to protect themselves from viral infections. Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal system has a perfect solution in which Ayurvedic experts stressed that some of the medicinal herbs such as Neem, Giloy, Shilajeet are considered to help improve the immune system by maintaining the balance between body, mind, and soul. So as a protective measure, AYUSH has issued an Advisory based on the traditional medicine practice to use Anu Thailam. AYUSH mainly focuses on the holistic approach and on prevention through lifestyle modifications, dietary practices and improving immunity. 

Kairali Ayurveda products, the 100 year old Ayurvedic brand manufactures authentic products that are chemical-free and have no side effects. These products are non-toxic and non- evasive and aim towards maintaining and restoring the body’s own capabilities to maintain a balance and fight against all the ailments. Since all these products are made by using herbs and rare plants that are grown under the strict supervision of Kairali’s own staff. This ensures that consistent high quality is maintained. Kairali employs specially trained people for gathering the herbs and raw materials and ensures that each deliverable batch is meticulously tested, sorted, and cleaned. Kairali manufactures various categories of products like classical preparations, proprietary organics, herbal Infusions, and herbal cosmetics. One of its famous product is Anu Thailam. Anu Thailam is an effective and wonderful Ayurvedic remedy for managing allergies, headaches, colds, and sinusitis. 

The Indian Government Ministry of AYUSH, promotes alternative medicine system in the country, released a health advisory on 29th January that advocates the use of Ayurvedic traditional remedies to ward off new Coronavirus infection. AYUSH mainly focuses on the holistic approach and prevention through lifestyle modifications, dietary practices and improving immunity. 

The AYUSH approach to manage the Coronavirus outbreak broadly consists of:

·         Preventive measures

·         Symptom management of COVID-19

AYUSH formed guidelines on the basis of potential and strength of its systems supported by evidences for promotion of Immunity and helps in improving the respiratory symptoms in Coronavirus. As per AYUSH guidelines, instilling 2 drops of Anu Thailam in each nostril daily in the morning helps manage the symptoms of COVID-19. Anu thailam is used to treat sinusitis and respiratory infection by clearing out the blockages in the respiratory canal and by promoting the secretion of sputum, thus helps eased breathing. Kairali Ayurvedic products are a trusted Ayurveda brand that offers authentic & unadulterated Anu thailam. 

How to use 

2 drops of Anu thailam into each nostril daily in the morning or as per directed by your food physician. 

Apart from this, AYUSH suggested that the diet should be fresh, warm, and easy to digest. Proper rest and timely sleep is also advisable. It is also recommended to practice Yogasana and Pranayama under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor.