Ayurvedic Cure For Liver Diseases

Ayurvedic Liver Diseases Treatment

Ayurvedic Liver Diseases Treatment

Image: Ayurvedic Liver Diseases Treatment

Ayurvedic Cure For Liver Diseases

Liver disease is any condition that causes liver inflammation or tissue damage and affects liver function. The liver is a vital organ located in the upper right-hand side of the abdomen. It is as large as a football, weighs 2-3 pounds, and performs numerous functions for the body. Liver is the main source of protein production, converting nutrients derived from food into essential blood components, storing vitamins and minerals, regulating blood clotting, maintaining hormone balances, and metabolizing and detoxifying substances that would otherwise be harmful to the body. The liver makes factors that help the human immune system fight infection, removes bacteria from the blood, and makes bile, which is essential for digestion.

Causes of Liver Diseases
A variety of illnesses can affect the liver.Different types of liver disorders include hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver tumours, and liver abscess (collection of pus), just to name a few.
The causes may include infection, injury, exposure to drugs or toxic compounds, an autoimmune process, or a genetic defect that leads to the deposition and build-up of damaging substances such as iron or copper. Effects may include inflammation, scarring, obstructions, clotting abnormalities, and liver failure. 

Primary Causes of Liver Diseases :
•Alcohol or drugs abuse
•Chronic hepatitis
•inherited disorders of iron and copper metabolism
• Excessive use of steroids or antibiotics

 Main Symptoms of liver diseases:
  •  Nausea  or vomiting
  •  Abdominal pain and fatigue
  •  Jaundice
  •  Swelling in abdomen
  •  Significant weight loss

Ayurveda for Liver diseases
Ayurveda believes that to treat the liver one needs to  pacify the  aggravated body energies (pacification of vata and pitta) and this can be done by using herbs that stimulate the function of the liver and by bringing in life style and dietary changes.

Recommended Natural Remedies
Kairali offers one of the most effective Ayurvedic medicine to treat liver disease- Spaliv.   Spaliv is a combination of 12 powerful herbal medicines, a product designed to protect your liver from both internal and external damage. The liver is an extraordinary organ, performing more than 500 functions that is needed for survival. Amongst other things, the liver is responsible for treating 1,300 ml of blood per second, essentially eliminating harmful toxins from our system.
Alos some of the recommended medicines are Punarnavasavam with Draksharishtam, Avipathy Choornam and  Chiruvilwadi Kashayam.

  Punarnavasavam with Draksharishtam15 ml each with 30 ml water in morning and evening after food.
  Avipathy Choornam 4 teaspoon with water at bed time
  Chiruvilwadi Kashayam 20 ml with 80 ml water before food.
  Spaliv Capsules 2 in morning and evening after food

Tips to Avoid Liver Ailments
  •  Keep a check on your weight.
  •  Control diabetes
  •  Avoid too much sweets and carbohydrate rich foods
  •  Avoid too oily and spicy food
  •  Exercise regularly  and drink plenty of water

All the above mentioned medicines must be taken as per doctor recommendation after a consultation as dosage might vary from case to case.  But the general recommendation is for 5 to 6 week i.e. Punarnavasavam and Draksharishtam each 3 bottles;  Avipathy Choornam 4 Pack;  Chiruvilwadi Kashayam 4 bottles and Spaliv Capsules 3 Packs
Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Ailments:
  •  Has no side effects
  •  Gives happy, healthy disease free long life
  •  They are non-toxic and non-invasive
  •  Helps in removing the root of diseases not just symptoms
  •  Good for physical and mental health as well
  •  Enhances immunity that resists diseases