Ayurveda to get rid of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Retreats

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Retreats

Image: Alcohol Addiction Recovery Retreats

Ayurveda to get rid of Alcohol Addiction

 Ayurveda has very strict views about alcoholism, there is a whole chapter in the Ayurvedic texts that deal with alcoholism, alcohol is considered  toxin for the body as per Ayurveda.

In today’s world consumption of alcohol is a very  common thing  for both for men and women  but the difficulty arises  when you cross the line from moderate or social drinking  to habitual  drinking.  If you are consuming alcohol to cope with problems, depression  or to escape feeling bad, you’re in potentially dangerous territory and get very easily get addicted  to alcohol.

One is considered addicted to alcohol when despite understating the consequences the person is unable to quit  drinking or stop after a few drinks. People who are addicted to alcohol often drink on daily basis  and for  longer phases than intended as with time they develop  a high tolerance to the alcohol. They suffer from withdrawal syndrome when they do not drink and  continue drinking no matter what the consequences.

Symptoms of  Alcohol Addiction  are : Drinking alone, becoming violent or hostile if stopped from drinking, neglecting diet and eating poorly, neglecting personal hygiene, missing work or important events due to drinking, inability to stop drinking, making excuses and lying to drink more, facing withdrawal symptoms and getting violent when there is no alcohol to drink,  and continuing to drink even when legal, social, or economic problems develop.

Effects of Alcohol  Addiction

Alcohol addiction can have a very negative effect on your overall physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health. Other than having adverse effects on the alcoholic’s family, career and social status alcoholism can cause irreparable damage to critical organs and body systems. Some of the organ that can get damaged and prove fatal are- liver, heart, intestines, brain, nervous system and lungs.

Alcoholism is a genuine problem that needs medical or holistic care. Common medical problems of alcohol addiction are: High blood pressure, Gastrointestinal problems, Cancer, Sexual problem, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis and Osteoporosis, especially in women.

 Ayurveda for Alcohol Addiction

As per Ayurveda alcohol addiction is a medical, social and psychological problem and it requires a holistic approach that combines diet, lifestyle management, ayurvedic massages,  complete detoxification with panchakarma,  herbal medicine, meditation, and yoga.

Alcohol Addiction – The Kairali Ayurvedic Perspective.

Alcohol addiction is identified as a pitta dosha disorder, and pitta pacifying health strategies would be used in this case. Withdrawal from any adiction includes a high degree of vata aggravation, evident in symptoms such as tremors or panic attacks. Kairali’s de-addiction retreats are highly successful  and well known l in pacifying these vata-related withdrawal symptoms through relaxation therapies, while conducting world-class natural healing on the affected organs.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Retreats with Kairali.

The successful treatment of alcohol addiction requires pitta Dosha healing methods, which have a cooling effect on the body while restoring the metabolic system; especially the liver. Herbal remedies to restore the liver will be prescribed for the sufferer and should be taken on a daily basis. The Ayurvedic cleansing method prioritised in this case is that of purgation, in order to cleanse the liver and pancreas. External treatments soothe anxiety and ease withdrawal symptoms while cooling the system and pacifying the activity of pitta in the body.