Coronavirus: How Ayurveda helps boost Immunity and safeguard us against infection?

Role of Ayurveda in preventing Coronavirus

Role of Ayurveda in preventing Coronavirus

Image: Role of Ayurveda in preventing Coronavirus

Nowadays, you are getting notices from your respective places of work to stay at home if you are coughing or sneezing. They have also added to your food stations, juices, immunity-boosting drinks, and herbs. This is all because of Coronavirus, a highly contagious respiratory disease. People already started taking precautions such as washing hands, avoid close contact and staying at home if they are sick. As per the latest reports, 89,000 people are already infected by this deadly virus and now it has reached India where 39 people are infected till now. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Coronavirus is a large virus family that causes illnesses ranges from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). The common symptoms of Coronavirus are Runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat, Headache and Feeling of being unwell. According to the World Health Organization, the most effective way to protect yourself against Coronavirus is by frequently washing and cleaning your hands using soap or water. 

How Coronavirus is transmitted? 

Commonly, Human Coronavirus spreads from an infected person to other individuals via 

  • Air when someone sneezes or coughs
  • Close contact with the other person such as shaking or touching hands 
  • Touching your mouth after touching any surface or article having a virus on it.
  • Touching eyes, nose without washing or sanitizing your hands. 

As people rush to keep themselves protected and secured from Coronavirus, Ayurveda, an ancient alternative medicinal system has a perfect solution. Ayurveda Experts or practitioners have stressed that some of the medicinal herbs such as Neem, Giloy, Shilajeet are considered to help improve the immune system and fight against the deadly virus. In India and various other locations, people are now getting allured by the authentic and traditional benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda that helps us balance the mind, body, and soul. Nowadays, people are opting for various precautionary and protective measures for a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some of the Ayurvedic remedies for boosting Immune system

Gargle with warm salt water- This is the ancient Ayurvedic remedy. 

  • ½ tsp of sea or Himalayan salt in water is added. 
  • Gargling with this saltwater might prevents sickness. 
  • It clears the bacteria and germs present in your gut and helps improve immunity against infection. 

Tulsi tea - It is recommended by Ayurvedic doctors to drink Tulsi Tea daily. Tulsi or holy basil contains antioxidants that might prevent the damage caused by free radicals, thus prevents the cell damage. It has medicinal and healing properties that help improves immunity against infection. It has expectorant and anti-tussive properties that prevent cough thereby treating the chronic respiratory problems.   

  • Add tea bag of Tulsi Tea into the cup filled with water 
  • Dip the Tulsi tea bag in water for about 5 minutes till a good aroma is obtained. 

Giloy Juice - Giloy is called Amrita which is known to boost immunity as it has various medicinal and healing properties.

  • Giloy is boiled in water.
  • Then pepper, Tulsi, and turmeric are added to the contents. 

This prepared mixture is consumed regularly in the form of Juice that helps improve the immune system.

Other Ayurvedic herbs or oils - If Tulsi is not your cup of tea then you can take Ashwagandha and Turmeric. Ashwagandh calms your nervous system and Turmeric has healing and antimicrobial properties that prevent the body against microbial infections. It is also suggested that putting 2-3 drops of sesame oil in each nostril and sniffing it will not only lubricate throat and nasal passage, but also strengthens the inner membrane. 

Yoga and Meditate - Meditation, not just calms your mind but also act against several risk factors affecting immune system. Regular and Yoga meditation reduces blood pressure, strengthens immune system, and also fights against oxidative stress. Some of the preferred yoga asans are Uttanasana (standing forward bend), Sarvangasana( shoulder stand). 

Warm baths - In the evening, take warm baths with Epsom salts and also with essential oils such as Ginger, rosemary, pine, Tulsi, eucalyptus, cardamom, and cinnamon. 

Nasya Therapy- An Ayurvedic therapeutic treatment for the nose, throat, sinuses, and head, can be done using herbal medicated oils. 

What not to eat?  

  • Avoid drinking or eating cold foods as it might reduce the digestive fire and affects our health. 
  • Avoid Fried and heavy foods as they are considered to be difficult to digest. 
  • It is prescribed to have soups and sweet vegetables. 

What preventive measures Kairali Ayurvedic Group has adopted for its guests, 

Kairali Ayurveda, an Ayurveda company aims in holistic healing to treat certain illnesses. It offers the most authentic treatments close to nature that emphasizes healthful and enlightened lifestyle. It believes in “Stimulating your senses: Relax, Revive, rejuvenate the very essence of your being”. Successfully imbibing this Ayurvedic authentic ancient practice, to enrich mind, body, and soul into the everyday lives of people. Kairali has given the holistic touch of Ayurveda, earning itself the trust, confidence, and loyalty of its clients worldwide. Kairali always worked for the well-being of their guests so this is the reason they feel safe and comfortable in our resorts. We have arranged some of the preventive measures against Coronavirus that is spreading rapidly worldwide.  

  • Kairali is offering hand sanitization facilities for Guests or requesting them to wash their hands.
  • We are emphasizing on maintaining proper hygiene such as regular cleaning of the rugs, carpets and the floorings at our property. 
  • We are providing Ayurvedic diet or drinks based on body type that helps improves immunity against infections, after consulting an Ayurvedic doctor. 
  • Warm greetings to our guests are our tradition, but for their protection, we are avoiding close contact with them. We are also working on providing masks to every guest visiting Kairali. 

Be safe from Coronavirus naturally