Know Your Body and Listen to It' Says the Young Director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group, Abhilash Ramesh

Wellness Business

Wellness Business

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Abhilash K. Ramesh, the director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group has been interviewed by Ayurveda Sutra. Ayurveda Sutra is an eminent magazine on Health and Lifestyle, published monthly by Antara Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. They are doing the pious job of educating the mass on Ayurveda and its benefits, they come up with innovative ideas and unfathomed aspects of wellness and health every time. Their April edition, came with the issue of Corporate Wellness. This volume speaks about stress management at work through Yoga and Meditation. It also interviews successful entrepreneurs, who are the leaders in Wellness industry under the topic, Health to Productivity. It tries to understand the fact which made them enter the health industry and how important is it to be healthy. 

Abhilash Ramesh reveals the secret behind his successful Wellness Business, Health Regimen and Management Skills. Know in detail about his ideas as described in Ayurveda Sutra.

"Respect Your Body"

Abhilash K Ramesh

                                                                 Director, Kairali Ayurveda Group, Delhi                                                                                   

Entered into Wellness by choice. He had options. Kairali is one of their many businesses. An Engineer by profession, Abhilash worked with a construction company in US. After sometime, he couldn’t enjoy the work and moved on to take care of the family business. At merely 34, today he is leading the fourth generation of Kairali Ayurveda Group. Under his Directorship the product Division has witnessed 100 per cent growth rate in 2015-16 while Kairali Healing Village registered a commendable growth of 10-15 per cent.

 ‘I have worked in every vertical of the industry we are in. I started as a Sales Executive in my own organization and then moved up. I found the Healing Village the most satisfactory as I like meeting people, talking to them, interacting with them on day to day basis, innovating with food, medicines; retreat is a lots of work and is very different. I found it very interesting. And as for family business, it is always challenging because you are answerable to your parents.’

Being in the business of health, he has pledged to follow a healthy regimen. He gets up early and does nothing less than 12 Suryanamaskar along with 20 minutes of meditation, which keeps him calm, relaxed and healthy in his otherwise busy and crazy schedule. ‘It is our lifestyle, which we had been following since our childhood. It’s like a routine. We don’t have to make extra efforts for it.

‘On the other side, I try to pass on the same habits in my office as well. Healthy employees mean more productivity and a positive attitude to the pressure, a healthy environment, happy faces, which can get the best out of them. Following a dinacharya, I understand the importance of exercise and workout that our body needs. In fact, we started yoga classes for all of my employees, but they will take time to get used to it. Further, I try and send them on annual vacations; last year they all went to Thailand.

‘They are like my extended family and if only I take care of them will they reciprocate fully and will give 100 per cent.’

Abhilash himself takes two breaks of 14 days each in a year to be fit, which means a strict vegetarian diet, yoga- group and private, meditation and other purification processes. ‘It is important for all of us to understand that Health is Wealth and we should respect our bodies. Our unhealthy lifestyle is making it difficult for all of us to perform. Understand the requirements of your body and act. It will help you lead a beautiful life.’