Here is why grandma asked you sit cross-legged on floor during meals

food yoga

food yoga

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Before the advent of the fancy dining tables and modern living amenities, eating meals used to be an elaborate ritual in every traditional Indian household. While most of us have must have seen people sitting cross-legged during meals, very few realize the importance of such eating rituals. In Vedic science, this posture is called "Sukhasana" and has several health benefits.

Here are the the top five reasons why you should practice sukhasana during meals:

Stimulates brain signals: Sitting cross legged on the floor is a form of contemplative and meditative posture in Ayurveda called Padmasana. Padmasana brings a sense of calm and steady for a long period of time. The posture triggers the signal of the brain and prepare the stomach for digestion.

Helps digestion: When sitting cross legged on the floor, we constantly bend forward and backward while eating. Such back and forth movement activates the muscle around the abdomen and increases secretion of digestive enzymes and acid.

Lose weight: Padmasana automatically calms you down and keeps you focused on the food you are eating. You will have to get up for more servings and also curbs craving or binge eating on food.

Improve postures: Good body posture is of utmost importance to avoid injuries and excessive strain on your body muscles. Sitting cross-legged on the floor straightens your back and spine and pushes your shoulders back. This helps in avoiding common aches and pains that arises due to bad body posture. 

Improve blood circulation: Sukhasana position helps in blood circulation as blood flows naturally from the heart to your digestive system. While it improves blood circulation, it also strengthens heart and muscles to prepare you for a rough day ahead.