Follow The Natural Cycles of your Body and Live Well

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment

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Follow The Ayurvedic Rhythm of your Body and Live Well

Sleeping and eating well are the two most important aspects of our lifestyle to stay healthy. Staying awake late and eating snacks and junks can be really harmful and no one realizes that until too late. Your body needs to follow  a cycle and a particular rhythm which has been both proven scientifically and defined thousands of years back by Ayurveda.

Ayurveda says that when these rhythms go out of sync, diseases and imbalances develop. While the most important factor for day-to-day rhythms is the light and dark cycle, modern lifestyles have triggered a whole set of social factors.

According to Ayurveda, there are five main elements. These are: ether or space, air, fire, water and earth. These five elements explain how people are harmoniously connected to their environment.

These five elements mix and match to make three elements or doshas that set people apart - vitta, pita and kapha. Ayurveda explains the character difference in every individual by way of these three doshas. These are also what make up the body's circadian rhythms.