Discover Heaven With Ayurveda

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Discover Heaven With Ayurveda - Kairali The Ayurvedic Healing Village

If everything is rising rapidly along with the advancement of time and development, don’t let your health lag behind. Get some whiff of novelty and harmony that you need to keep going. Explore and discover ayurveda and go on to discover a world of peace and health. Enjoy a sense of freedom from diseases. Breathe a fresh air of life. Yes, this is possible. Open the gates to ayurveda and leave the rest to the God of medicine. Hustle and bustle of our busy competitive lives has taken all of away from the goodness of Mother Nature. Nature has got answers to all the problems. Still it remains underrated. Come and explore the holiness of nature with Kairali Ayurvedic Group. Believing in the effectiveness of ayurveda, Kairali Ayurvedic Group has always been hard at providing safe and natural products which can be beneficial to the mankind.

Having an enriching experience of so many years, Kairali has become a name that ensures relaxation as well as satisfaction. The name has achieved recognition over all these years by providing a super awesome range of finest herbal supplements and ayurvedic products that everyone would love to use. The list of the divine facilities and services is a long one and it covers all the aspects of health, beauty and a peaceful mind. Apart from the striking ayurvedic retreats and products, Kairali has also proved a mark in the field of Yoga which has already gained momentum worldwide. Apart from the surprising herbal remedies, Kairali Ayurvedic Group is a consistent provider of excellent opportunities for Yoga teachers and organisers to host retreats at The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Kerala. Kairali The Ayurvedic Healing Village also offers opportunities to train in Ayurvedic massage, therapies and herbal remedies. Various centres of the well established Kairali ayurvedic group caters to the people from all the segments by providing solutions, via courses, treatments and regular seminars, for diverse needs and requirements.

Immerse into a whole new world of ayurveda that not only cures but also protects. Discover ayurveda with a beautiful assortment of mesmerizing ayurvedic healing services and various packages based on versatile needs and necessities like losing weight, herbal beauty spa, purification and senses’ rejuvenation.  Based on ancient ayurvedic practices, Kairali has got amazing ayurvedic treatment services accompanied with natural products and herbal remedies for different problems. Kairali Ayurvedic group promises authenticity in everything it provides ranging from effective ayurvedic products derived from ancient ayurvedic processes and principles and highly soothing and effective herbal remedies. Choose ayurveda with Kairali and feel the best. 

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    Dasamoolarishtam is Ayurvedic medicine for rejuvenation.

    Dasamoolarishtam is Ayurvedic medicine for rejuvenation.

    Rs. 106
    Kairtis Oil - 55 ml.(Includes one herbal bundle

    Kairtis Oil - 55 ml.(Includes one herbal bundle)

    Rs. 280
    Yuvan Herbal Tea - 100 gms

    Yuvan Strengthening & Rejuvenating

    Rs. 615
    Narasimha rasayanam

    Narasimha rasayanam helps in improving immunity and physical strength.

    Rs. 135
    Durance Capsules for improved sexual performance in men

    Durance improved sexual performance in men

    Rs. 170
    Kairtis Oil - 110ml.(Includes two herbal bundles)

    Kairtis Oil - 110ml.(Includes two herbal bundles)

    Rs. 480
    Taahira Herbal Tea - 100 gms

    Taahira Quick Healing & Detoxification

    Rs. 645
    Aarogya Herbal Tea - 100 gms

    Aarogya Maintains Health & Vitality

    Rs. 625
    Kairali Orange Blossom Shampoo provides nutrients for Hair

    provides nutrients & Prevents the hair damage.

    Rs. 210
    SPARUB Relieves soreness, pain, stiffness and inflammation of the joints, muscle and ligament.

    SPARUB Relieves pain of the joints,muscle and ligament

    Rs. 28

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